Read our hints!

1. Remember that each diet that tells you to eat only products of one category is potentially dangerous.

2. Remember that to be healthy you must have balanced diet. It gives you products of all categories: proteins, carbs, fats, minerals, vitamins.

3. One of the famous diets is the EL diet. EL means Eat Less. If you simply try to eat 20–30% (per cent) less than usual, you will see the results soon.

4. A very good way is also to remove from your diet such products as: chips, crisps, cookies, cakes, sweets, ice-cream, coke. Eliminating them you not only become slimmer, but you are also healthier.

5. Remember that if you have a choice, you should opt for healthier products. Wholegrain bread is better than white rolls. Honey is better than sugar.

6. You should eat lots of vegetables and fruit.

7. Drink mineral water and green tea.

8. If you suddenly stop a very restrictive diet, you can suffer from ”jo-jo” effect. You quickly become even fatter than before.

balanced diet – zbalansowana dieta
chips – frytki
crisps – czipsy
restrictive – restrykcyjny
roll – bułka
protein – białko
vitamins – witaminy
carbs = carbohydrates – węglowodany
fat – tłuszcz
minerals – minerały

Te słówka mogą się przydać!

dinner – obiad
supper – kolacja
broth – rosół
pasta – makaron
rice – ryż
meat – mięso
beef – wołowina
veal – cielęcina
pork – wieprzowina
turkey – indyk
to eat healthy food – odżywiać się zdrowo
to change eating habits – zmienić sposób odżywiania
to be on a diet – być na diecie
light food – jedzenie lekkostrawne
heavy food – jedzenie ciężkostrawne
cook – kucharz, kucharka
plate – talerz
soup plate – głęboki talerz
spoon – łyżka
fork – widelec
knife – nóż
cutlery – sztućce
tray – taca
fish fingers – paluszki rybne
trout – pstrąg
stewed cabbage – bigos
salty – słony
sweet – słodki