Breakfast – śniadanie

  • scrambled eggs – jajecznica
  • fried eggs – jajka sadzone
  • cornflakes – płatki kukurydziane
  • cereal – płatki zbożowe
  • toast – tost
  • honey – miód
  • ham – szynka


  • sandwich – kanapka
  • pancake – naleśnik
  • omelette – omlet
  • hamburger – hamburger
  • mixed salad – sałatka mieszana
  • tomato salad – sałatka z pomidorów

dinner – obiad, kolacja (uroczysta)

Supper – kolacja

  • soup – zupa
  • broth/ chicken soup – rosół
  • vegetable soup – zupa jarzynowa
  • tomato soup – zupa pomidorowa
  • pasta – makaron
  • spaghetti – spaghetti
  • dumplings – knedle, kluski
  • chips – frytki
  • rice – ryż
  • sauce – sos
  • gravy – sos mięsny
  • cutlet – kotlet, pulpet
  • chop – kotlet
  • roast – pieczeń
  • goulash/stew – gulasz
  • beef steak – befsztyk
  • fillet – filet

Desserts – desery

  • ice cream – lody
  • doughnuts – pączki
  • cake/pie – ciasto
  • cheesecake – sernik
  • apple pie – szarlotka
  • fruit tart – placek owocowy
  • sponge cake – biszkopt
  • gingerbread – piernik

I can’t imagine starting my day without a decent breakfast. I usually have pancakes or fried eggs and some cheese with wholemeal bread, or toast with honey and cottage cheese. I never eat cornflakes and ­cereals because I hate milk, so I drink a lot of yoghurt in­stead. I’m never hungry in the morning. I usually drink a cup of strong coffee and go to school. I know it’s not healthy because breakfast is believed to be the most important meal of the day, but I’m not able to swallow even a piece of cheese. But I always have a rich lunch. I go to the nearest sandwich bar and have a hamburger, chips, sandwiches, salad and then some fruit. Irish stew is a popular dish in Ireland. It’s a filling, full of flavour peasant dish made with the cheapest, most readily-available ingredients: lamb, cooked with potatoes, carrots, onions and parsley. I can remember exactly the moment I fell in love with her. It happened on the 5th May last year. She invited me and some of our schoolmates to dinner. I thought she would serve pasta or beef steaks but I was wrong. She served smoked eel as a starter. It was delicious and I knew something was going to happen. Then she brought the main dish: a rabbit garnished with lemon, beetroot and fresh leaves of thyme. It looked gorgeous and was really tasty. I fell in love with her during that dinner and I knew she would be the one. A girl that is such an excellent cook must be the love of my life.