Temat: żywienie

Czy wiesz, że cytryny są sour, a wieczorny posiłek to supper? Przed egzaminem z angielskiego musisz to wiedzieć! Poznaj inne słówka i zwroty związane z jedzeniem…

Teraz jem tylko zdrowo!
I used to eat a lot of junk food but I felt it had a serious effect on my health. So now if I get hungry between meals I have some grapes or oranges. In summer I prefer blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. I feel much more fit and healthy now.

junk food – jedzenie „śmieciowe”
meal – posiłek
grapes – winogrona
oranges – pomarańcze
blackberries – jeżyny
raspberries – maliny
strawberries – truskawki

Najłatwiejsza potrawa pod słońcem!
In my opinion, the easiest dish to make is spaghetti Bolognese. You don’t need too many ingredients and you’ll find a recipe in every cookery book. First, you should prepare the sauce. Chop the onions and press the garlic. Pour olive-oil into a large saucepan, add the onions, and fry them until they change colour. Now, crumble minced beef into the onions and fry it until it’s completely done. Add the tomatoes and spices: a pinch of salt, pepper, oregano and basil. Now, let the whole lot simmer for half an hour. Then you should prepare the pasta. Boil a lot of water; add some olive-oil and salt. When the water is boiling, add the pasta. When it’s ready rinseit under water.

cookery book – książka kucharska
recipe – przepis
ingredients – składniki
to boil – gotować
to simmer – gotować na wolnym ogniu
to fry – smażyć
to slice – kroić w plastry
to mince meat – mielić mięso
to chop – siekać
olive-oil – oliwa z oliwek
frying pan – patelnia
saucepan – rondel
cooker – kuchenka
oven – piekarnik

Jestem wegetarianką!
I’ve been a vegetarian for two years. I decided to change my eating habits because I love animals and I don’t want to have my share in killing them. Besides, I believe that a vegetarian diet is really healthy. I used to eat sausages and ham but now even the smell of fried bacon or roast beef makes me feel ill. I eat a lot of dairy products, vegetables and fruit. In my kitchen you’ll always find carrots, celery, broccoli, grapefruits, peaches, bananas and many other healthy products. And of course I’ve got soya beans because they are very rich in protein.

breakfast – śniadanie
pancakes – naleśniki
fried eggs – smażone jajka
cheese – ser żółty
cottage cheese – twarożek
honey – miód
scrambled eggs – jajecznica
fried eggs – jajka sadzone
cornflakes – płatki kukurydziane
cereals – płatki zbożowe

Śniadanie to podstawa
I can’t imagine starting my day without breakfast. I usually have pancakes or fried eggs or scrambled eggs and some cheese with wholemeal bread, or toast with honey and cottage cheese. I never eat cornflakes and cereals because I hate milk, so I drink a lot of yoghurt instead.

sausages – kiełbaski
ham – szynka
fried bacon – smażony bekon
roast beef – pieczeń wołowa
dairy products – produkty mleczne, nabiał
carrots – marchewki
celery – seler
broccoli – brokuły
grapefruits – grejpfruty
peaches – morele
bananas – banany

Jak tam szkolne stołówki? Różnie to bywa!
What I like best about my school is the canteen. The food is fresh and tasty, and we always have some choice. We can choose between two soups and three main courses. I especially like veal chops and goulash. Last week we even had stuffed turkey, which was really delicious. We also have a good choice of desserts.

canteen – stołówka
food – jedzenie
fresh – świeży
bearable – znośny


Rozmówki jedzeniowe

Jakie zdania przydadzą Ci się do tematu żywienie? Te koniecznie zapamiętaj!

  • What are we going to eat today?
    – Co będziemy dzisiaj jeść?
  • We’ve got spaghetti, pasta, instant soup, noodles, rice with vegetables, chicken.
    – Mamy spaghetti, makaron, kluski, ryż z warzywami, kurczaka.
  • We can make some sandwiches, a salad.
    – Możemy zrobić kanapki, sałatkę.
  • There are some cookies, chocolates in the box.
    – W pudełku są ciasteczka, czekoladki.
  • I’ve bought some ripe peaches, apricots, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon.
    – Kupiłem dojrzałe brzoskwinie, morele, truskawki, maliny, arbuza.
  • Where is the frying pan, saucepan, bowl, grater, knife, can opener, bottle opener?
    – Gdzie jest patelnia, garnek, miska, tarka, nóż, otwieracz do puszek, otwieracz do butelek?
  • Where are the forks, spoons, plates, soup bowls, napkins?
    – Gdzie są widelce, łyżki, talerze, głębokie talerze, serwetki?
  • Peel the potatoes. – Obierz ziemniaki.
  • Slice bread. – Pokrój chleb.
  • Grate cheese. – Zetrzyj ser na tarce.
  • Pour water to the saucepan. – Wlej wodę do garnka.
  • Mix all the vegetables. – Zmieszaj wszystkie warzywa.
  • Boil water and put in the peeled potatoes. – Zagotuj wodę i wrzuć obrane ziemniaki.
  • Fry the steaks. – Usmaż steki.
  • Stir soup. – Mieszaj zupę.
  • Grill the meat. – Usmaż mięso na grillu.

W restauracji

– Would you like to order now?
– Yes, please. Have you got grilled trout?
– I’m sorry; we haven’t got any fish today.
– OK. I’ll have the fried chicken, then. Does it come with baked potatoes or rice?
– No, with chips.
– Can I have it with rice instead?
– Of course. Would you like any dessert?
– Yes, apple pie with cream.
– And anything to drink?
– Yes, I’d like a glass of mineral water.
– Would you like anything else?
– That’s all right, thank you.

Did you know that…

  • Lemons are sour, so people tend to think they contain no sugar and they are rich in vitamin C. In fact they contain more sugar than strawberries and strawberries are richer in vitamin C than lemons!
  • A MacDonald meal consisting of big chips, a Big Mac, coke and ice-cream with caramel sauce is about 80% (per cent) of calories you should eat during a day (but not if you are on a diet!).
  • You should never skip breakfast. Your organism will think there is emergency and the metabolism will slow down, which will make you fatter!
  • Wholegrain bread is not healthier because it contains fewer calories. The number of calories is not really smaller than in white bread, but it contains minerals, vitamins and fiber.

caramel sauce – sos karmelowy
chips – frytki
conditions – warunki
b– zawierać
fast – post
fiber – błonnik
ice-cream – lody
lemon – cytryna
metabolism – metabolizm, przemiana materii
skip – zrezygnować z…, opuścić
slow down – zwolnić
sour – kwaśny
strawberries – truskawki
wholegrain – pełnoziarnisty



Przeczytaj poniższy tekst i wstaw brakujące słowa, tak by uzyskać poprawną gramatycznie i treściowo całość.

Traditional cuisine

(1.1. ______________ ) the fast-food reputation, traditional British cuisine has survived. The Sunday dinner traditionally begins (1.2. _________________ ) a Yorkshire pudding, (1.3. __________________ ) by a joint of meat and assorted vegetables. The dishes are simple and traditional, with recipes passed (1.4. __________________ ) from generation to generation. The pudding tradition (1.5. ___________________ ) its height with the Christmas pudding. At teatime, the British have scones with butter and jam, as (1.6. ________________ ) as sandwiches. Some schools teach children how to bake sweets during (1.7. _____________ ) lessons. Tea is consumed throughout the day and is sometimes drunk (1.8. ______________ ) meals, (1.9. __________________ ) at teatime. Coffee is (1.10. ______________ ) rising in popularity.

1.1. despite, 1.2. with, 1.3. followed, 1.4. on, 1.5. reaches, 1.6. well, 1.7. cookery, 1.8. with, 1.9. especially, 1.10 still.