Przy remoncie domu…
We are redecorating our cottage. We are trying to do a lot of things by ourselves so as not to spend too much money on services. We don’t need a glazier as my father knows how to fit glass into window frames. Painting seems to be easy so we probably will not need a painter. However, we will have to employ an electrician and a chimney sweep (kominiarz) and order some shelves from a carpenter (stolarz).

U fryzjera… – at the hairdresser’s
I am going to the hairdresser’s to have a new haircut. My hair is too long now so I have to have it trimmed. My friends advise me to wear a fringe but I am not convinced to this idea. I like going to the hairdresser, sitting in an armchair and having my hair combed and brushed.

U kosmetyczki – at the beautician’s
I rarely go to the beauty salon. I prefer to clean my skin by myself at home. It is not a problem to put a moisturising mask on your face and use right cream and tonic. However, I sometimes go to the manicurist and pedicurist.

Na poczcie – at the post office
Can you pop into the post office on your way home? I would like you to send this postcard. I don’t remember the postcode so check it at the post office. I also have two registered letters and a small parcel. Buy ten stamps, five large envelopes and send this postal order. I will be really grateful if you do it for me.

Reklama – advertisement
I would like to work for an advertising agency in the future. I find this job really interesting as it requires a lot of imagination and intelligence. I would create TV commercials or advertising campaigns which would persuade and tempt people to buy certain products.

commercial – reklama telewizyjna
advertising agency – agencja reklamowa
advertising campaign – kampania reklamowa
to advertise – reklamować
to create – tworzyć
to persuade – namawiać
to tempt – kusić

Ubezpieczenia – insurances
My cousin works for an insurance company. He keeps on trying to convince (przekonać) my family that it is not enough to have health and social insurance. We should also have life and property insurance and he would help us to become policy holders. He does not understand that the insurance premium is too high and we do not want any other insurance.

insurance company – firma ubezpieczeniowa
health insurance – ubezpieczenie zdrowotne
social insurance – ubezpieczenie socjalne
life insurance – ubezpieczenie na życie
property insurance – ubezpieczenie mienia
policy holder – ubezpieczony
insurance premium – składka ubezpieczeniowa

W centrum handlowym – in the shopping centre
I love wandering around the shopping centre. I can spend hours visiting various sections such as kitchenware, crockery, china and glassware. I hardly ever buy anything as I prefer window shopping. The only goods I buy regularly are books and stationery. I like checking if there is anything in sections with sports equipment, home utensils and household appliances.

Ubrania i buty – clothes & shoes
My best friend says I should wear more fashionable clothes. In her opinion my dresses, skirts and trousers are so old-fashioned and worn-out that I had better give them away. She wants to go to the shopping centre with me and help me choose new jumpers, blouses and T-shirts. She also advised me to wear trainers or moccasins rather than high-heeled shoes.

Sprzedawanie i kupowanie – selling & buying
I bought a new computer last week. It cost me a fortune but it is worth the money I paid. I had been saving for it for a long time so I didn’t have to buy it in instalments or pay by credit card. I was able to pay cash for it. A friendly shop assistant helped me choose a good model. I was even given a small discount because I also bought a printer. The computer comes with a one-year guarantee so I really think it was a good purchase.

to pay by credit card – płacić kartą kredytową
to pay cash – płacić gotówką
purchase – zakup
to do shopping – robić zakupy
to spend money on… – wydawać pieniądze na…
shop assistant – sprzedawca
customer – klient
discount – rabat
installment – rata

Rozmówki w sklepie

I’ll have it/I’ll take it. – Poproszę to (decydując się na zakup).
I’ll leave it, thanks. – Rezygnuję z zakupu, dziękuję.
Are you being served? – Czy ktoś Pana/Panią obsługuje; w czym mogę pomóc?
Can I try it on? – Czy mogę przymierzyć?
Have you got it in a larger size/in blue? – Czy dostanę to w większym rozmiarze/w kolorze niebieskim?
Do you have these trousers in a size 12? – Czy dostanę te spodnie w rozmiarze 12?
What size are you? – Jaki nosi Pan/Pani rozmiar?
What size shoes do you take? – Jaki ma Pan/Pani rozmiar buta?
These shoes are one size too big. – Te buty są o rozmiar za duże.
This skirt is too tight – Ta spódnica jest za ciasna.

Nazwy tych usług zapamiętaj!

laundry – pralnia
dry cleaner’s – pralnia chemiczna
hairdresser’s – fryzjer damski
beautician’s – kosmetyczka
barber’s – fryzjer męski
bank – bank
launderette – pralnia automatyczna
tailor – krawiec męski
shoemaker – szewc
watchmaker – zegarmistrz
optician – optyk