Temat: podróżowanie i turystyka

What was the most beautiful place in the world you have visited?

Alice, 16, Warsaw:
Last year I visited the Greek Isles. All of them were beautiful, but I loved Thassos most. It’s got everything Greece is famous for: wonderful people, fascinating remote mountain slopes, unique natural beauty of silver olive trees that surround extensive beaches with golden sand as well as immense azure of the sky. All of these make this island a paradise. Of course I’m sure I’ll go there next year!

Martha, 17, Madrid:
Last summer I visited my grandparents who live in a small village. Pure nature, lush vegetation and infinite fields were my faithful companions during those holidays as well as great pals I met there! I’m going to visit my grandparents every year!

Stephan, 16, Berlin:
I have always dreamt of visiting Mexico and, I still can’t believe it, last June my dream came true. I went there with my brother, Martin. We were admiring picturesque beaches and monumental volcanoes but the most unforgettable experience was seeing millions of monarch butterflies in sanctuary El Rosario! It was superb!