A lot of magazines and TV programmes remind us about living a healthy lifestyle, but what does this really mean? In general, a healthy person doesn’t smoke, keeps the correct weight, eats healthy food, and exercises. It’s very simple! Even teenagers know this!

I pay a lot of attention to doing physical exercises.
I would like to be healthy and flexible even when I am 60 years old. I exercise every day. On the days when
I don’t have physical education at school, I go to the swimming pool or play tennis. When the weather is nice I go jogging with my friends. I know that it reduces the risk of heart diseases, strokes and diabetes. I’m going to be
a very sporty old lady!

to pay attention – zwracać uwagę
healthy – zdrowy
flexible – giętki
to reduce – redukować
heart diseases – choroby serca
stroke – wylew
diabetes – cukrzyca

If you want to be healthy you have to take care of your body! Doing exercise is very important and you mustn’t forget about a healthy diet! Many people in my age are either too fat or too skinny. It’s not good! I try not to put on weight. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables. If I need a snack, I try to avoid crisps, chocolate bars and fizzy drinks. I don’t want to block my arteries or have any horrible stomach illness!

to take care of – dbać o
too skinny – za chudzi
to put on weight – przytyć
to avoid – unikać
to contain – zawierać
to block arteries – zatkać arterie
a stomach illness – choroba żołądka

When you are a teenager, you don’t worry too much about your health. My friends try to catch cold if they don’t want to go to school. They should remember that it may affect their future health! It’s very easy to build good resistance, even if you don’t have time or money to go to the gym. Just turn off the TV, go for a walk with your friends, or walk your dog, run and play with him. Cold and flu can affect your heart and lungs, so be careful!

to catch cold – przeziębić się
to build good resistance – mieć dobrą odporność
heart – serce
lungs – płuca

Everybody should visit a doctor regularly. Every doctor will tell you how often you should have blood tests, check you blood pressure and level of cholesterol. If you don’t take care of such things, you may have health problems in the future! Don’t forget about visiting a dentist! It’s not a nice visit but remember that teeth infections can be very painful and dangerous. It is better to protect your organism than heal it!

blood test – badanie krwi
blood pressure – ciśnienie krwi
level of cholesterol – poziom cholesterolu
teeth – zęby; liczba pojedyncza: tooth – ząb
to protect your organism – chronić organizm
to heal – leczyć

I try to live healthily. I read magazines and watch TV programmes about health. A reasonable diet and exercise make you look good. They also improve your mood, reduce stress and improve your self-esteem! Taking care of your spine which is incredibly important! Pay attention to your posture. Five minutes of stretching and warming up your muscles and joints in the morning gives you energy for the whole day.

to live healthily – żyć zdrowo
to improve your mood – poprawia humor
self-esteem – samoocena
spine – kręgosłup
posture – postawa
stretching – rozciąganie
muscles and joint – mięśnie i stawy

It’s so nice when you are not ill during the summer holidays! But you have to work for your health every day. I try to do outdoor activities if I have an opportunity. Riding a bike, jogging, making a snowman and even gardening make me stronger and more resistant to viruses. My heart is stronger and my brain gets more fresh air. I’m rarely tired and can concentrate better. I think it’s better to prevent illnesses than taking different medicines!

to be resistant – być odpornym
brain – mózg
to prevent illnesses – zapobiegać chorobom
medicines – lekarstwa