How to protect you against the flu?

  • 1. Get a vaccination. That’s a very good method, although it will not protect you against all kinds of flu. But generally, it is worth doing, because even if it does not protect you completely, you will be ill shorter time and the disease will be milder!
  • 2. Avoid crowds. Avoid places where there are lots of people, such as cinemas, concerts, crowded buses.
  • 3. Exercise. It is proved that people who go to the gym, go swimming, running much more rarely suffer from the flu. When you are active, your immune system works better.
  • 4. Eat proper food. There are some kinds of food which help you to protect against flu and cold. Cooked, hot, spicy food is good in winter. Forget about fruit yoghurt for breakfast and a cold sandwich for lunch – you must eat hot dishes. Don’t forget about vegetables and fruit.
  • 5. Drink a lot of tea. Herbal tea or ginger tea with honey is good.
  • 6. Sleep well. Don’t study at night because when you sleep too little, your immune system might break down. Remember about fresh air and open the window before you go to sleep.
  • 7.Never ever go with flu, walk with flu, pretend it doesn’t exist. First of all, it is contagious and other people can fall ill because of you. Secondly, you can have very serious complications.

vaccination – szczepienia
suffer from – chorować na, cierpieć na
to be ill – być chorym
flu – grypa
rarely – rzadko
contagious – zakaźny