1. When they were kids, the President and the Prime Minister in Poland played in a film. What was the title?
A. The Giant Peach
B. The Little Detectives
C. The Two Who Stole the Moon
D. The Two Brothers

2. Jarosław Kaczyński
A. has a wife and two children.
B. has a wife but no children.
C. is divorced.
D. has never married.

3. Which of the two brothers was the President of Warsaw?
A. Jarosław,
B. Lech,
C. Both,
D. None

4. In the presidential elections in October 2005, Kaczyński defeated Tusk gaining about
A. 70%
B. 65%
C. 60%
D. 55%

5. In June 2003 a Referendum was held in Poland. What was the topic?
A. Economic reforms.
B. Constitution.
C. Joining the EU.
D. Using public property.

6. Aleksander Kwaśniewski was the President of Poland for
A. five years.
B. four years.
C. eight years.
D. ten years.

7. Zyta Gilowska was accused of
A. cooperation with the Soviet-backed secret service.
B. bribery.
C. wasting public money.
D. fraud.

8. Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz was the Prime Minister of Poland between
A. October 2004 and October 2005.
B. October 2005 and July 2006.
C. July 2006 and October 2006.
D. Never.

9. The Council of Ministers currently consists of
A. 13 members.
B. 18 members.
C. 23 members.
D. 30 members.

10. Who is the current Minister of Health?
A. Andrzej Lepper.
B. Tomasz Lipiec.
C. Zbigniew Religa.
D. Aleksander Szczygło.

11. And who is the current Minister of Environment?
A. Jan Szyszko.
B. Przemysław Gosiewski.
C. Andrzej Aumiller.
D. Anna Kalata.

12. How many voivodeships are there in Poland?
A. 20.
B. 18.
C. 16.
D. 14.

13. The Polish Constitution was adopted by the National Assembly in
A. 1980.
B. 1992.
C. 1997.
D. 1999.

14. How many times can a President of Poland be reelected?
A. He can’t be reelected.
B. Once.
C. Twice.
D. There is no limit.

15. Which of these Prime Ministers of Poland held their post the longest time?
A. Tadeusz Mazowiecki.
B. Waldemar Pawlak.
C. Hanna Suchocka.
D. Jerzy Buzek.

16. The Presidential Palace on Krakowskie Przedmieście has a statue In front. Who does the statue represent?
A. Adam Mickiewicz.
B. Jan III Sobieski.
C. Józef Poniatowski.
D. Mozart.

17. When the Polish flag is displayed vertically, the white should be
A. On the right.
B. On the left.
C. It doesn’t matter.
D. The flag is never displayed vertically.

steal – kraść
defeat – pokonać, pobić
accuse – oskarżać
member – członek
current – bieżący, aktualny
voivodeship – województwo
elect – wybierać
vertically – pionowo
display – pokazywać

1C, 2D, 3B, 4D, 5C, 6D, 7A, 8B, 9C, 10C, 11A, 12C, 13C, 14C, 15D, 16C, 17B.

Count your points and read the interpretation

If you have more than 15 correct answers, probably you are a politician.

If you have between 10 and 15 points, you like politics and you have some knowledge about it.

The result between 5 and 9 point is means you are a typical citizen who watches the news but doesn’t understand much.

If you have less than 5 points, probably you are a romantic who simply doesn’t care.

Now, none of these results excludes your career in politics, as to be a politician you don’t have to be good at politics.