Population Wellington City: 163,824
Population Wellington Region: 423,765
Area (Wellington City): 28,990 hectares

  • Wellington is the world’s most southern capital and the only capital in the “Roaring Forties” latitudes.
  • Wellington is the most “fully wired” city in the most “fully wired” country in the world. It has one of the fastest and biggest fibre optic loops in the world providing the CBD with high-speed data transfer and Internet access. Wellington is the most connected city in New Zealand with 44% of households connected to the Internet.
  • Was the first Capital City to see in the new millennium.
  • Has more restaurants, bars and cafés per head than New York with over 300 eateries.
  • Gets more sunshine than Auckland, Melbourne and London and less rain than Auckland and Sydney.
  • Centre is only two kilometres in diameter; you can walk from one side to the other in 20 minutes.
  • Zoo is the oldest in New Zealand.
  • Nearly all Wellington residents are within three kilometers of the sea.
  • Thorndon is New Zealand’s oldest suburb and is best known for being home of the world renowned author Katherine Mansfield.
  • The Old Government Buildings are the largest wooden buildings ever constructed in the Southern hemisphere.
  • The city is known to Kiwis as “Windy Wellington”.
  • The city averages 2025 hours of sunshine per annum.
  • Wellington became the capital of New Zealand, replacing Auckland in 1865.