I’m a typical woman. I like romantic comedies and dramas. I like love stories when people love each other and of course there has to be the happy end! I don’t like films for men about war, car chases or shooting.
I really can’t stand films about mafia. They are so boring!

romantic comedy – komedia romantyczna
the happy end – szczęśliwe zakończenie
war – wojna
car chases – pościgi samochodowe
shooting – strzelanina

My favourite genre of films? Cartoons!
I could watch them all day long! They are funny, interesting and anything can happen! Of course, I don’t watch every cartoon on TV. I choose those for… older children. My younger brother, for example, shouldn’t watch them.

a film genre – gatunek filmu
a cartoon – kreskówka
anything can happen – wszystko się może zdarzyć
to choose – wybierać

For my friends it is strange that I like classical films. I like black and white films with Hollywood (but not only) celebrities. My favourite film is “Rebecca”. The film is quite old but it’s great! Lately I’ve watched a few musicals and they are great as well!

classical films – filmy klasyczne
black and white – czarno-białe
celebrities – gwiazdy
musical – musical

I like watching non-fiction movies and documentaries. I like real-life stories. They make you think and it’s really interesting what can happen in a normal person’s life. I like historical films where actors wear fantastic costumes. It’s the best way to learn about facts.

non-fiction movie – film oparty na faktach
a documentary – film dokumentalny
historical film – film historyczny
costumes – kostiumy

I don’t go to the cinema too often because I spend my pocket money on magazines and sweets. Anyway when I go to the cinema it has to be a really good film. I like action films! I don’t mind crime or gangster stories but they have to be interesting. I definitely don’t like dramas!

pocket money – kieszonkowe
action films – film akcji
crime/gangster films – film kryminalny/gangsterski
drama – dramat

I’ve always liked adventure and science-fiction films. I love the fantasy world! My favourite director is Neil Jordan and I love his films. I like films which show another world. When I go to the cinema I want to see something different from what I see every day in the street.

adventure/science-fiction film – film przygodowy/science-fiction
fantasy world – świat fantazji
a (film) director – reżyser (filmowy)

I am a great fun of horrors and thrillers! When I meet my cousins, we stay up late and watch scary movies! We always have popcorn or crisps! A good horror (or a thriller) is when you are so scared that you have to turn the light on if you want to leave the room.

horror/thriller – horror/dreszczowiec
scary – straszny
to turn the light on – zapalić światło