“Testosterone” has broken all the popularity records as a play. Now it has a chance to attract the audience as a movie. What is the story about? Everybody can’t wait for the wedding of a famous pop-singer, Alicia, and a young promising scientist, Kornel. It is supposed to be one of the most expected sociable attractions. All the wedding preparations are taking place in the suburban wedding resort. One of the people who are working in the wedding restaurant is a young waiter – Tytus. He seems to be a bit unhappy, as he has just found out that he is going to be a father. While he is laying the table, three black-dressed guys appear at the restaurant suddenly. They are carrying one man with a black eye. After getting to the restaurant they lock themselves in one of the rooms. Soon afterwards, the groom with his head in plaster turns up… “Testosterone”, written and directed by Andrzej Saramonowicz, is a funny comedy that tells us a story about the men’s world. Guys at the wedding restaurant talk about women, laugh at each other but most of all, they try to understand what life all about is. In the movie we will see some of the best male Polish actors: Borys Szyc (a waiter), Piotr Adamczyk (Kornel) and many others. Good fun guaranteed!

“Rocky Balboa”
You have seen all the parts of “Rambo” and “Rocky” movies. Now it is time to watch “Rocky Balboa”! Yes, you all guessed! It is the sixth part of “Rocky” series, and it is written and directed by Sylvester Stallone, who has also played the main part. This time we find our favourite boxer leading a peaceful life as a 50 year old widower, who runs a small restaurant in Philadelphia. From time to time he takes part in meaningless boxing and does not get on well with his son. Suddenly, the present Heavy Weight World Champion, Mason Dixon, better known as “The Line” challenges Rocky to fight with him. Our hero decides to accept the challenge and starts harsh training. Their fight is becoming highly commented by the media. For Rocky himself it is the only chance to once again come back on the ring he loves so much… We can not expect more than a sentimental movie about an old hero whose dreams come true once again. It is definitely a film for Rocky’s fans. The others may quickly get bored.

“Pursuit of happiness”
This is a film based on the true story and the well-known scheme “from rags to riches”. Chris Gardner, 30 (played by Will Smith) finds himself, out of the sudden, without job, flat and with a little son to take care of. His wife abandons him and his dreams of becoming a stock broker are very far from reality. He finishes living in the bathroom of the San Francisco railway station. When he finally becomes a trainee in a broker company, his problems already begins. This story has a happy end. Real Chris Gardner became finally a broker coach and now he is a millionaire and the owner of one company in Chicago but it is good to know that if we follow our dreams, we may succeed ending up as millionaires.

Improve your vocabulary!

attract – przyciągać
find out – dowiedzieć się
turn up – pojawić się
run – prowadzić (biznes)
get on well with – mieć z kimś dobre stosunki
get bored – znudzić się
from rags to riches – od pucybuta do milionera
take care – opiekować się
abandons – porzucać