Teenagers are outgoing people. They like different things and they go to different places. Where can you spend time so as not to get bored (znudzić się)?

Parties – If your friends are organizing a party, it’s perfect! You meet your friends, you can talk and have fun (dobrze się bawić). If the weather (pogoda) is nice, you can go to a festival or concert organized outside (na zewnątrz). It’s a good place to dance and sing and you don’t disturb (przeszkadzać) anyone!

Cinema – It’s one of the places where you can forget (zapomnieć) about the whole world! You can always find something interesting for you: a love story, an adaptation (adaptacja) of a book or a movie with special effects (efekty specjalne). It’s also one of the most popular places for dates (randki)!

Theatre – Teenagers who want to get cultural can go to the theatre! There are lots of fantastic plays (sztuki)! It’s something different than the cinema, but many people love this kind of art. Theatre can show you also different types (różne rodzaje) of culture and you will remember them for a long time (przez długi czas)!

Galleries and exhibitions (wystawy) – Before going to an art gallery or exhibition, find out (dowiedz się) what it is about. You don’t have to be interested in everything. Teenagers have different tastes. Some of them may like modern art (sztuka nowo-
czesna), others, exhibitions of photography. You can also choose amongst (wśród) well-
-known and unknown artists!

Museums – Museums can help in understanding and learning things you’ve heard about at school. Many school trips (szkolne wycieczki) are to museums. There are places you can see things you only read about. Besides, there are many museums whose collections are connected with your hobby: sport, natural history (historia naturalna) or transport museum.

Fast food restaurants – Many young people like going out for a meal. They choose fast food restaurants as they are cheap and they are everywhere! Surprisingly (zadziwiająco, niespodziewanie), it can be a good place to go! You can learn how to remember about healthy diet (zdrowa dieta) and you may become aware (świadomy) of health matters (zagadnienia)!