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A secret of Jukkasjarvi

Jukkasjarvi is located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, in the heart of Swedish Lapland and is a normal village with a small museum and a pretty church. So, what’s its secret? Each year a team of snow-builders, architects, designers and artists from all over the world create the Icehotel. In winter 2005/2006 the hotel had eighty rooms, it was around 7000 square metres and to create it, took over 3,000 tonnes of ice and huge amount of snow. It was one of the biggest hotels they have ever made in Jukkasjarvi! The hotel’s walls are kept at –5°C to –8°C. But don’t worry because inside it’s quite pleasant, especially when outside temperatures can drop to around –37°C! Sleeping in an ice room is a great experience but if you think it’s not for you but you still want to visit the hotel, you can always stay in a heated room. The Ice Hotel is available from mid-December to mid-April. In December and very early January ice rooms are ready for guests although the building is usually not finished. The good thing is that you can see artists at work. How­ever, if you’d prefer to see the hotel in all its glory, the best time to travel is from early January. But hurry up! In April it melts!


1 Jukkasjarvi is in the south of Sweden. TRUE FALSE
2 There is no church in the village. TRUE FALSE
3 The hotel is built only by builders and artists from Sweden. TRUE FALSE
4 In the 2005/2006 winter hotel there were eighty rooms. TRUE FALSE
5 The hotel is always very small. TRUE FALSE
6 The temperature of the walls is between –5°C and –8°C. TRUE FALSE
7 There are also heated rooms for guests. TRUE FALSE
8 You can go to the hotel from the middle of December to the middle of April. TRUE FALSE
9 In December you can’t see any artists finishing their work. TRUE FALSE

1 – false; 2 – false; 3 – false; 4 – true; 5 – false; 6 – true; 7 – true; 8 – true; 9 – false.