Can you safe money

…or maybe you spend everything to the last penny and then you regret being so stupid?

1. It’s your best friend’s birthday…
a. I buy a big, expensive present.
b. I give him/ her a small gift or a card.
c. I buy nothing, just say „happy birthday”.

2. It’s your birthday…
a. I give a big party.
b. I invite a few friends for a supper.
c. I just wait for somebody to invite me.

3. Let’s say you love the seaside. Where would you stay?
a. In a hotel.
b. In a bed and breakfast or a hostel.
c. At a campsite.

4. The first thing you pay attention to when you go to a disco is:
a. the music,
b. a snack you get for free,
c. the ticket price.

5. In the shop window you spot a pair of shoes you love but the price tells you won’t have it.
a. I ask my parents to lend/ give me more money.
b. I try to look for something similar but cheaper.
c. For that price, I don’t want them anymore.

6. How much money do you usually have with you?
a. Everything I have.
b. As much as I need to buy a snack.
c. Nothing.

7. You go shopping to the city centre. Where would you stop for a lunch?
a. A good and popular restaurant – it’s a special day.
b. In a fast food restaurant or a supermarket.
c. Nowhere. I always have something to eat with me.

8. If you won 100 000 000 Euro what would you buy?
a. A luxury yacht (75 000 000).
b. I’d go on a space flight (15 000 000).
c. A famous artist’s paintings (90 000 000).

9. Your good friends are coming for the weekend. How would you welcome them?
a. I’d invite them to the cinema, a restaurant and a club.
b. I’d cook dinner at home.
c. Some popcorn and a video would do.

10. When you decide to give yourself a treat (przyjemność), what do you do?
a. Shopping, shopping, shopping.
b. A good movie or meeting with my friends.
c. I watch TV or play computer games.

11. When you get change in a shop, you…
a. …take it without looking.
b. …take a look but don’t count exactly.
c. …always count carefully.



Mostly a.
You love luxurious things and when you can afford them, you get them. You can safe money, of course, but only because you want to spend it on something particular, something you really desire. Or you just have debts! You are also a very generous (hojny) person but don’t believe you can buy friends with presents otherwise you’ll have no money saved and no friends either.

Mostly b.
You know what money is and you are very reasonable when you spend it. If you like shopping, you do it only if you can afford it. It’s really rare for you not to have any money at all because if you get a large sum, you safe half of it for later. You know perfectly how much you can spend and don’t care if anybody says you’re greedy (chciwy). You know what you’re doing!

Mostly c.
You never spend any money and even when your friends go to the cinema, you prefer to stay home unless somebody buys you a ticket. You may have 1000 Euro in your piggy bank (skarbonka) and the only thing you think about is how not to spend it.