Children’s Day (Dzień Dziecka)

It’s so nice to get a present on, isn’t it? You are not a child anymore (although you wouldn’t mind getting gifts, do you?) so now it’s time for you to start giving presents on this special occasion!

If you have a little sister and you have no idea what to buy for her, have a look at list below. These are things that for sure will make her happy!

1. Forget about dolls because she’ll probably get one. Accessories for a doll, that’s an idea. Small shoes, dresses, kitchen or bed will make your sister and her doll happy. Remember to check what kind of dolls she’s got.

2. A big, soft teddy bear. It can be a dog, tiger, rabbit, chicken or any kind of animal your sister likes. Check what’s her favourite cartoon character! She’ll love it.

3. Every little girl wants to be a princess. A princess outfit will be a real great opportunity to become one. Check her size!

4. If you want to be more practical, buy a dress or a beautiful, shiny pair of shoes. In this case you need your mum’s advice.

5. If she is a little lady, you can buy her face paint. Try to find something that imitates make up. She will be treated like an adult. Make sure it is safe for children.

6. Maybe your younger sister has a special talent. Spend some time with her and if she’s interested in music – buy a musical instrument or a recorder with a microphone. If she goes crazy about it, you may have problems with your neighbours.

7. If she has any artistic talent or interests, a colouring book will be just a drop in the ocean. Even if she’s got thousand of crayons, a new set will make her smile anyway.

8. Remember! She’s young and her brain’s like a sponge. English picture dictionary will help her to develop. It may be any other language but remember that you have to teach her how use it.

9. Kids love everything that moves and is shiny. Think of a small colourful lamp with moving animals or stars. It will make her fall asleep in a real nice atmosphere.

10. If you have a very small budget and you can’t afford to buy anything, take your little sister for a walk. Play with her and for that one day don’t shout at her when for the one thousand and first time she asks ‘Why…?’


perfect – idealny
child – dziecko
children – dzieci
although – chociaż
buy – kupić
princess outfit – strój księżniczki
a drop in the ocean – kropla w morzu
sponge – gąbka
you can’t afford – nie stać cię, nie możesz sobie pozwolić

A perfect present for your little sister

a dress
a pair of shiny shoes
accessories for a doll
a big Teddy Bear
a princess outfit
face paint (make-up shape)
musical instrument
soud recorder with a microphone
colouring book and crayons
English picture dictionary