Marcie wydawało się, że branie narkotyków to lekarstwo na jej ogromny smutek po zerwaniu z chłopakiem. Wplątała się w kłopoty, miała problemy ze zdrowiem. Dziś wie, że popełniła największy błąd swojego życia – spróbowała, jak smakują…

My story

I broke up with my boyfriend just before the holidays. I was so sad and none of my friends seemed to care. My mum kept on saying: There’ll be another one. I was so tired of crying, I wanted to relax and even my best friend couldn’t help me. During the holidays I met some people who had drugs. I’d never tried it and I wanted to try it once. I felt strange. My parents didn’t notice anything…

When the new school year started I went to a party and I discovered that many people I knew from school had drugs… The first pill I had, I got from a guy I met in a club. He seemed nice and friendly. I couldn’t get back to normal. When I came home, I couldn’t remember much…

One day my parents went to the country. One of my friends visited me. We smoked two or three cigarettes and then I discovered he gave me drugs. I was scared because I wasn’t able to do anything… I started sweating and my friend told me it was normal after this thing! My parents came back earlier. I couldn’t get up of my bed… I tried to explain that I had a headache. They thought I was drunk… The doctor who came to me was sure I’d taken drugs. I couldn’t deny…

My parents helped me to get through this. It was awful, the worse experience… I don’t want to think about it at all. I changed school and started from the beginning. I was 15 and I already disappointed my parents, made my mum cry and I almost didn’t kill myself…

The friend who I was taking drugs with didn’t get help. Nobody knows what’s going on with him. He run away from home…

Marta, 16

Her story

After Marta broke up with her boyfriend, she changed a lot. After the holidays she seemed to be more relaxed but… she was always tired and her new friends… quite strange people. I’m her best friend but she didn’t tell me she had a problem. Once, during a long break she fall asleep in the toilet. I couldn’t wake her up. She was lucky that none of the teachers didn’t notice it. Anyway she had a lot of problems with her marks in class. The only way I could help her was not to lend her money. She was sure that drugs were really cool and I was boring for her when I wanted to talk about it. After some time I lost contact with her. She had her world and I didn’t want to be part of it…

Now she’s OK but her old friends and me sometimes don’t trust her like before. We don’t want to have anybody at a party who may have drugs…

Marta’s friend, Joasia, 16


during – podczas, w czasie
pill – pigułka
he seemed… – on wydawał się…
experience – doświadczenie
I was disappointed – byłam rozczarowana
break – przerwa
marks – oceny
lend – pożyczać komuś (ale: borrow – pożyczać od kogoś)
trust – mieć zaufanie, ufać

Why drugs?

Many young people take drugs. They know how dangerous it can be so why do they try it? The most common answers are:

  • to relax
  • for excitement
  • not to be an outsider
  • to be an adult
  • to feel more self–confident with other people
  • to have more energy for fun
  • to forget about problems
  • not to be bored
  • and many young people answer: „I don’t remember”.

Drugs – it`s a serious problem!

70% of experimenting teenagers can’t stop taking drugs, 50% of them get help, but only 20% are strong enough to stop. But the horrible pain during the detox doesn’t stop 90% or even 95% of young people. After one year they start taking drugs again!

Where did you get it?

There are many people who know dealers. You can buy drugs in clubs, bars, parks, in the street. It doesn’t matter where you have it from.

72% of people who tried drugs got it from their friends, 12% bought it from them. Not many people (3%) buy it from a stranger.
Most people take drugs at home (71%). Parties, clubs and bar are also very popular. About 10% take drugs in an open air (park, street) or school.

People between 13 and 16 know perfectly what drugs are. 65% of them had contact with drug culture and it is really terrible! They saw or heard about people who take drugs. 60% of them know people who take drugs regularly and every third student has a friend who’s a drug user.

Remember! There is no control!

Many of us believe that we control our lives but when you take drugs, there’s no control in your life any more.
You shouldn’t trust people who take drugs!

  • If you need a drug, you will do anything. Prostitution, robberies, selling things from your parents’ house – that what many young people do to buy drugs.
  • 50% of people who decided to try „something new” had to be taken to a hospital, 40% of them had to fight on their own with pain and fear. 10% die.
  • Every day in clubs and bars and during parties somebody gets his/ her drink poisoned. Many girls are raped
    after having their drink poisoned.

Are you aware that there is a problem? Be aware!