We always wait for the summer and we always expect it to be fabulous, don’t we? Look through the summer horoscope and find out what your summer is going to be like!

Aries – Baran

Adventure: You will meet somebody very special and probably you will fall in love. Forever!
You’ll be happy… at a seaside resort in your country or abroad.
You’d better avoid… mountains because you’ll get tired very easily and there will be no opportunity for you to fall in love.
Your best companion for the summer: Cancer

Cancer – Rak

Adventure: The only adventure you will have will be your birthday party if you organise it.
You’ll be happy… definitely at the seaside doing nothing but lying on the beach. Well, you can swim in the sea as well.
You’d better avoid… places where there are no people because you’ll be bored 100 per cent.
Your best companion for the summer: Aries

Virgo – Panna

Adventure: You may be surprised because the unforgettable adventure will be with a person who’s really dull for you.
You’ll be happy… at summer camp although you don’t believe it.
You’d better avoid… lakes districts if you’re planning to go there with your cousins or friends.
Your best companion for the summer: Taurus

Taurus – Byk

Adventure: You may have many adventures this summer only if you decide to do something! If you stay at home, there won’t be many surprises for you.
You’ll be happy… if you try to discover charm in the countryside or villages somewhere abroad.
You’d better avoid… your home! You also have to be careful when you have guests because it may be horribly boring.
Your best companion for the summer: Virgo

Leo – Lew

Adventure: The person you have loved for a long time will give a chance this summer. It’s going to be fantastic.
You’ll be happy… in a big city but there must be lakes nearby.
You’d better avoid… deep woods where there are no tourist trails. Don’t think of camping sites, either.
Your best companion for the summer: Scorpio

Gemini – Bliźnięta

Adventure: Wow! Everything you’re planning will be great. Be careful, though, because you may break your leg or arm.
You’ll be happy… everywhere! Wherever you want to go, go there. It will be a fantastic summer.
You’d better avoid… places which bore you. But you know that, don’t you?
Your best companion for the summer: Aquarius

Libra – Waga

Adventure: If you decide to visit one of your relatives abroad, it will be the greatest adventure you’ve ever had!
You’ll be happy… in a place where you can see some architecture „miracles” and visit museums.
You’d better avoid… peaceful and far away from civilisation places… unless they are abroad.
Your best companion for the summer: Sagittarius

Scorpio – Skorpion

Adventure: You can expect many adventures this summer. Unfortunately, not all of them are going to be nice! Be ready to be stressed most of the time.
You’ll be happy… if you go to the mountains. Remember! Mountains, not small hills.
You’d better avoid… lakes and swimming pools. To be really safe, believe that the sea is a big lake.
Your best companion for the summer: Leo

Sagittarius – Strzelec

Adventure: A lot of adventures this year! You will remember them for the rest of your life so don’t forget to take some pictures.
You’ll be happy… in a wild place far from the city if you go there with your friends or at least one of them.
You’d better avoid… big cities with a lot of traffic.
Your best companion for the summer: Libra

Capricorn – Koziorożec

Adventure: You can count on three or four adventures this summer and will be enough to make you happy.
You’ll be happy… in a big city, a small town or even a small village but there must be a lot of discos.
You’d better avoid… beaches and camping sites where families with children come to relax.
Your best companion for the summer: Pisces

Aquarius – Wodnik

Adventure: If you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend, you should start to worry. You’re going to meet many more interesting people during the summer.
You’ll be happy… at the place you live or the place your relatives live. Think about visiting your grandparents, maybe.
You’d better avoid… summer camps where you know nobody. You shouldn’t spend the whole summer in a big city, either.
Your best companion for the summer: Gemini

Pisces – Ryby

Adventure: You love the easy life but during holidays you expect some adventures. Sorry, no adventures this year!
You’ll be happy… in a place you can really relax. A meadow or a pretty camping site will do.
You’d better avoid… busy places! And don’t go to discos or night clubs too often.
Your best companion for the summer: Capricorn