It is really nice to have a lot of friends! And if you want to have friends, you have to meet them first!

In different countries there are different rules when you meet new people. In European countries you won’t offend anybody if you behave like you do in Poland but you have to remember that in some countries people behave a bit different.

In Britain, for example, people sometime shake their hands but more often they just say ‘hello’.

In the UK kissing is not common but in Spain people kiss on both cheeks when they are introduced to each other.

When you meet somebody from Asia or West Africa don’t shake the left hand. It is used only for ‘unclean’ activities so for giving food or saying ‘hello’ use the right one.

Whatever happens, there is one general rule all over the world – when you meet someone for the first time, ask him how he’s doing. And when you are asked, the answer should be: ‘fine’. In many countries in Europe ‘How are you?’ or ‘How are you doing?’ is a way of saying ‘hello’.

In West Africa you have to ask about everything. ‘How is your family?’, ‘How is your business?’, ‘How is your cat?’ – these are common questions when you meet somebody.

Anyway, if you want to meet people in a foreign country, you should check, at least in a guidebook, if there is anything that may offend your new friend. Good luck!


Ważne słówka

different – różny
country – kraj
rules – zasady
offend – obrazić, urazić
a bit – trochę
introduce – przedstawić
activity – działalność
all over the world – na całym świecie
common – zwykły
guidebook – przewodnik