There are many people who can read your future in cards or in the stars. There are also some who can read your fortune from a palm of your hand. But did you know that your character and some behaviours are written in the way that you look? Everything counts – your face, your hair and the way you move! Now you can just look in a mirror or at the face of your boyfriend or girlfriend and you will know his (her) typical features of character!

Your face

If you have:

  • round face – you’re funny, joyful and you catch contact with others very quickly. You have many friends and you love spending time with
    a big group of people.
  • triangle face – you think about intellectual things so you’re considered as a philosopher. But you may disrespect other people.
  • square face – you’re full of energy. You are also very careful and analyse every situation.
  • oval face – you’re optimistic. You are also a very helpful person and you are not a materialistic type. You can achieve a lot in your life because you are very self-confident.

Your eyes

If you have:

  • wide spread (szeroko rozstawione) eyes – you are an easy-going, calm and self-controlled person. You are also honest and hard-working.
  • big and popped (duże i wypukłe) eyes – you are a weak person – physically and mentally. You don’t have strong will and that’s why you get in trouble very often.
  • deep set (głęboko osadzone) eyes – it means that you don’t trust other people.

Your nose

If you have:

  • snub (zadarty) nose – you’re optimistic. Simplicity and joy are your main features. You take life as a whole and you don’t concentrate on details.
  • croocked (garbaty) nose – this kind of nose belongs to a person who is open-minded. You love working especially in a science department.
  • roman (rzymski) nose – you’re very dutiful. You try to take care of everything.
  • straight (prosty) and long (długi) nose – you are a bit lazy person. You prefer intellectual entertainment to physical one. Cinema or a book is better for you than sport for example.
  • short (krótki) nose – it belongs to an impulsive boy or a girl. You do many things first and than you think. You are not a consequent person.
  • short and snub (zadarty) nose – you know how to attract other people. You have got many friends and you are often a soul and heart of a party.
  • greek (grecki) nose – you’ve got a great sense of humour. You also react to situations very quickly and properly. You love reaching higher and higher levels of knowledge.

Your hair

Remember to consider a natural colour of your hair!

If you have:

  • fair (jasne) hair – those people are very tactful. They never push anybody to do something and they always let other people decide or at least express their opinion. Very light fair hair means that a person is fascinated with a regular life style. Dark fair hair tells that a person is very humble.
  • black (czarne) hair – those people have very strong personality. It means that they don’t give up very easily. They try to be at the top all the time and they feel very bad if other people don’t recognise them. They are nice only to people that like them.
  • red (rude) hair – they hate changes. They prefer steady life in a family to travelling and living day by day. If they do something unusual, they have to plan everything very carefully. They are friendly but they are also „perfect” enemies if you hurt them. They hate people who want to attack their families.

More about your hair:

  • If your hair is thick (gęste) and delicate (delikatne), you are an easy-going person. Many people love you from the first meeting and they don’t change their mind with the time. You don’t get into conflicts because you understand many people.
  • If you have curly (kręcone) hair, it means that you are walking with your head in the clouds. You love to have a lot of companions and you love adventures. Unfortunately, you complicate anything, even the easiest situations.

Your mounth

If you have:

  • small (małe) mouth – you’re a helpful and nice person. You are also ready to give up your personal comfort to help others. You think more about your friends and family than about yourself.
  • big (duże) and full (pełne) mouth – it’s a very nice and good person. Such a person loves life and wants to take all advantages of it.
  • narrow (wąskie) mouth – you remember every bad thing that somebody did to you. You never give up in discussion and sometimes you even don’t listen to the arguments of other people. You don’t talk too much either.
  • regular (średnie) mouth – you’re a shy person. You respect other people and you know how to behave – when it’s time to be amusing and when to be serious.
  • smiling (uśmiechnięte) mouth – you are very sensitive. People like you because you are a cheerful and very pleasant person. You can be a very good friend unless your smile is fake.