If you’ve never been to a picnic and you want to know if you are going to feel well or you want to prove to your friend that he (she) shouldn’t go there, answer the questions below and read your picnic characteristic!

1. When you miss your favourite TV show, how do you feel?
a. Miserable! It’s almost a tragedy.
b. That depends on the reason I miss it.
c. Normal! Even if I like it a lot, I don’t panic.

2. When is the best weather for a walk?
a. When you need something to buy, you walk to the shop then.
b. It has to be really suitable weather. Not too warm and not too cold.
c. Always actually! All kind of weather can make you feel healthier.

3. Do you think that friends are more important than a new computer games?
a. I don’t think so! I love computer games!
b. That depends on what kind of game it is, and what kind of friends they are.
c. Of course! No discussion!

4. Would you make a whole day trip with a map along unknown route?
a. I suppose I would get lost so it is too risky.
b. If I did it with a group of people and one of them knew the route – why not!
c. Of course! It’s so fascinating to be in new places.

5. Do you like watching documentary films about world around us?
a. It’s quite boring! I prefer to watch science-fiction movies.
b. I like them but they have to be about something that I’m interested in.
c. I always watch them and frankly speaking I prefer documentaries to movies.

6. What’s the best way of learning about the world?
a. Internet! You can find anything there.
b. Magazines and books or studies.
c. Getting to know new people, making friends, visiting new places and travelling.



Most of As:
You’d better not go for a picnic! Probably you’ll be bored with only nature all around. You feel better at home, by TV or computer and even though many people relax in this way, you shouldn’t go. It would be a waste of time for you and probably you would destroy others’ trip by weeping for something you’re missing on TV!

Most of Bs:
If you go for a picnic, think where you go and who is going to be your companion. Besides you don’t know how to take any decisions, even about the food, movie you are going to watch. That’s why you’re unhappy and disappointed most of the time. Also a picnic would be a hard decision
– especially a place you are going to go. Knowing you, you won’t be satisfied unless you go with somebody you really like.

Most of Cs:
Actually, every new offer is perfect for you. You love nature and you’re interested in meeting people. You are also a good organizer so a picnic with you may be perfect. But beware! Your optimism can be stressful for others sometimes. People don’t have to run, do sports, talk all the time. Let them relax in their own way.