Toxic friendship

Toksyczna przyjaźń

A harmful friend or a toxic friendship can be one of life’s hardest „to forgive and forget” relationship disappointments. It doesn’t mean that every relationship is toxic – you just have to be careful and know how to recognise a toxic person.

  • The User has friends as long as he/she can use them for some purpose of his/her own. He’ll like you as long as you prepare his homework or take him for holidays with you.
  • The Control Freak is a friend as long as she/he is in control. The control freak often seems to be helping you. Refuse that help or break that control.
  • The Judge is always critical. This friend can ruin your self-esteem. You can rarely do anything completely right with this toxic friend.
  • The Promise Breaker rarely does what he says he will do. If you have a date, your toxic friend won’t show up. He never keeps his promise.
  • Self-centred people can’t think about you as they are too busy thinking of themselves. They are toxic friends because they are never interested in your needs.
  • The Competitor is always trying to be the best one. Although you’re his best friend, he’ll hate you if you are better in something.
  • The Leaner is a very needy friend who may be at your doorstep every day. He/she usually needs your help all the time and is incredibly jealous if you help other people.


A quick test

Is your friendship toxic?

Zaznacz te zdania, które są prawdziwe o Twoim przyjacielu, a następnie przeczytaj odpowiedzi i dowiedz się, czy tkwisz w toksycznym związku.

My best friend…

  • …can get really angry if I go out with somebody else. o
  • …says I should put him/her before my boyfriend or girlfriend. o
  • …doesn’t really like it when I’m better in something. o
  • …says we should do each other’s homework. o
  • …criticises me all the time (says it’s for my own good). o
  • …never keeps my secrets for him/herself. o
  • …is always right (in his/her opinion). o
  • …wants us to be together, everywhere, all the time. o
  • …wants to know where I am all the time. o

If you ticked 0 answers it means your friend is a real friend. You understand each other and you leave enough space for your ‘private’ life. You are really happy together. Do not worry if you ticked 1 or 2. You may have some problems but you are not toxic for each other for sure.

3-5 ticks means you may be in danger. If you’re sure, you are really good friends, you should try read the sentences again. The amount of ticks may be smaller but if there are still between 3 and 5 – you may have to talk about your friendship seriously. Don’t let anybody use you.

6-8 ticks mean there’s a huge possibility your friend is toxic for you. You may be afraid to admit it but if you don’t face the truth, you may be hurt one day. Maybe you should think if he/she is your best friend, if it is a friend you want to have. If you ticked 9 sentences – you have to finish this relationship straight away! It is not your friend, this person just uses you!


Gap filling

Zadanie 1.

Creators filmed countries Warner
Building were awards sitcom

Friends will be friends

Friends (originally Friends Like Us) was a popular long-running American …………… (1) about a group of six friends living in the Manhattan district of New York City. The show won many ……….. (2) during its run.

Although the series is set in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, it was ………… (3) in California. The Friends apartment building is located at the Grove and Bedford streets in the Village. (The ……….. (4), located at 90 Bedford Street, has become a popular tourist attraction and residence.) No scenes featuring cast members ………….. (5) filmed in New York. Even the show’s opening is shot around a fountain on the ………… (6) Brother’s studio lot in California.

All 10 seasons of Friends have been released on DVD in various ……….. (7). Some episodes on the Region 1 releases feature audio commentaries by the ………… (8).

Primary characters: Matthew Perry (Chandler Muriel Bing); Courteney Cox Arquette (Monica E. Geller-Bing); Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan); Matt LeBlanc (Joseph Francis Tribbiani Jr.); David Schwimmer (Ross Eustace Geller); Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Karen Green);


1- sitcom;
2 – awards;
3 – filmed;
4 – building;
5 – were;
6 – Warner;
7 – countries;
8 – creators.