You have a dressing up party but you don’t know if you’ll have a good time. Answer the questions below by choosing A, B or C and you will find out which costume may make you feel comfortable!

1. When you go to a party, you:
A. arrive late so that everybody’s already there.
B. don’t care when you arrive.
C. always arrive earlier before other guests arrive.

2. When I’m at a party, my favourite place is:
A. where most of the people are.
B. kitchen.
C. the computer room.

3. Who do you talk to during the party?
A. Everybody! Always!
B. Nice and friendly people.
C. One or two people if they start the conversation.

4. Do you like the idea of organizing different games and quizzes during parties?
A. That’s a great idea! It makes a party special.
B. If a quiz is interes-ting, why not?
C. No, party is to have fun and relax. You do what you want to.

5. Music, dancing, friends, food and drinks! Do you like parting?
A. Yes, I love it! Carnival is my time of a year!
B. I like parting with people I like. I don’t care what time of a year it is.
C. Carnival is about going crazy. I prefer to take it easy.


Mostly A
You love people to notice you! During carnival you try to be at every party even if you don’t know the host very well. You love compliments and you always do everything to hear as many of them as possible. It doesn’t matter to which party you go to. If it is a dressing up party, you should be a king or a queen. A princess is not enough for you! You don’t mind spending money on your look. You would feel fantastic if you were able to hire a costume from a theatre! That’s what you’re waiting for: being extremely fabulous!

Mostly B
You like parties and you like when other people make compliments about your look. Who doesn’t?! The thing is that you like to be original. It doesn’t matter if your costume is cheap or expensive, if it’s a lion costume or an elegant dress – during carnival you want to show your friends how imaginative you are. Before a party you should sit down and think what kind of outfit would make people say WOW!. The only thing you have to remember is that you mustn’t exaggerate. If you want to be controversial, that’s cool but make people laugh with you not at you.

Mostly C
You like parties as long as you are not the centre of attention. Perhaps because you are a shy person, or maybe you are afraid that you may look pathetic. If you are invited to a dressing up party, take part in it. Don’t forget about your costume. If you don’t want to wear strange (in your opinion) clothes, it’s enough if you have a special item: devils’ horns, angles’ wings, a funny hat or just a mask. Many people may think you’re dull if you don’t want to dress up while everybody else does.