Do you do any sport? Well, you should and physical education at school is not enough! But don’t exaggerate either! Some of us think the more sport they do the healthier they are. Unfortunately, sometimes we forget that too much is not very good. Find out if you are a lazy type or maybe you’re obsessed about sport.

Test for you!

1. Physical education is not an important subject at school.
a. True! Not everybody likes running around without any reason.
b. It’s a subject like any other. Good results equals good marks.
c. It’s one of the most important subjects. You exercise your body and your mind as well.

2. What’s the best time for doing sports?
a. Summer – it’s too hot, winter – too cold, evening – too late and morning – too early. I don’t know.
b. Any time but you have to pay attention to the weather.
c. Anytime! Only lazy types care about the weather. It’s just an excuse for them.

3. What magazines do you usually buy?
a. Music or ones I can use at school (history, science etc.).
b. Different magazines. That depends on what I am looking for.
c. Sport magazines!

4. What does ‘a diet’ mean for you?
a. Something stupid that some girls go crazy about.
b. Something that may help your organism be healthier but you have to be careful.
c. Something that makes your muscles grow.

5. Why do people do sport?
a. Because they are made to or they have a lot of money.
b. Because they want to be healthy and fit.
c. Because they want to look fantastic.


Mostly a.
You never exaggerate with sport. What’s more! You always look for excuses not to do it. For you sport is something you do and you suffer or something you don’t do because you suffer. You have 101 reasons for your physical education teacher why you can’t take part in a lesson. You may be good looking but you’re not in the best shape.
At least try to walk instead of taking a bus everywhere!

Mostly b.
You know exactly that sport is good for you. You know also perfectly that you have to be careful and practising an extreme sport without any professional help is the greatest stupidity of all. Maybe that’s why you are healthy and fit and you have no problems with climbing stairs. Mountain trips or running to a bus don’t scare you at all. You don’t have to worry about your health or age (in the future) ever.

Mostly c.
If you are not obsessed, probably you are not far from being so. For you sport is the best cure for everything: health, weight, school problems. Sometimes you’re right saying that sport is a very important part of our lives but you have to remember that muscle pain and aching bones may be caused by a very strict diet and intensive exercises!


Co robisz w ferie zimowe?

During winter holidays I usually…

  • …ski. My parents always go skiing and since I was a child, I’ve skied with them. Lately I’ve started snowboarding as well.
    Jacek (17)
  • …do nothing in particular but when there’s a lot of snow, me and my friends go sledging. It’s like being
    a child again.
    Monika (16)
  • …skate with my friends. All year round there’s a skating rink in our city. We go there twice a month but during winter it’s something completely different.
    Marta (15)
  • …do everything that is connected with snow. For me it’s a perfect time for sport. Even snowballs fights are great!
    Tomasz (16)


Life full of sport

It is said that sport is the best way to prolong your life. Why? Because it makes your heart and muscles stronger, improves your blood circulation and at the end of the day your whole body is more resistant to illnesses.

But doing sports is expensive! – you may say.
Of course, if we are talking of horse riding, rock climbing, surfing or even skiing. Especially if you want to do it all year round and be full equipped. Some sports require proper equipment and a place to do them. For tennis you need a racket and a court, for skating – skates and an ice rink. Some sports can be done only during winter, others – during summer.

But you may make your life more sportive in a very easy way. For example, jogging in a park, a basketball match with your friends, riding a bike instead of taking a bus, or simply taking stairs and not the lift (not only when it’s not working). Even when you are a big sport fan, it doesn’t mean you are sportive. Remember! Playing football instead of watching it would make you healthier as well.

So stop having excuses and go for it!