For many people it isn’t important if they live in a city or in the countryside. People can be happy everywhere. And what about you? Where are you happy? Do you like place you live in?

Marek, 16
All my family lives in a big city. I’ve lived here all my life and there’s always something to do. Cinemas, shops, sport centres… You don’t have these things in the countryside or a small town. Or even if you do, there’s no much choice.

Kamila, 15
In a city there’s a better opportunity for studding but it’s also very busy.
In smaller places people are nicer but you don’t have too many schools and jobs. Anyway, it all depends on what you like.

Julia, 14
I’m from a city but my best friend lives in a small town. She needs to get up one hour earlier then me to get to school! I wouldn’t be able to stand it! But I love visiting her because in the city even in a park you can hear cars.

Asia, 15
We come from the countryside but my school is in a town and I live in a boarding school. Sometimes I really miss the peace and quiet find at home. I can’t imagine living in a big city. It’s only good for doing shopping.

Jacek, 16
I used to live in the centre of a big city but my parents moved to a small town. At the beginning I missed the gym and swimming-pool. But you know what? We have them here as well and they’re less crowded. Also everything is much cheaper.

Ola, 14
Traffic is so heavy, sometimes in my city that it takes two hours to get to school. There are too many people in supermarkets and cinemas, especially during the weekends. But I couldn’t live without the culture life. Everything happens here.

Dominika, 16
A big city is not only the centre. Many districts of big cities are just like small towns. No good shops, no theatres, discos are awful. And it takes so much time to get anywhere. I think I’d feel more at home in the countryside.

Andrzej, 14
People who don’t live in a city are horribly boring. They don’t go out because they don’t have any place to go. My cousin goes crazy when he visits me. He can’t believe we have so much entertainment…

Krzysiek, 15
My grandma lives in the country and I really enjoy going there for holidays. All day long by the river, forests all around, sausages and potatoes from the barbeque – it’s fantastic! But I couldn’t live there forever. I would miss my city.

Kaśka, 15
I live in a town near a big city. I’m so bored sometimes. Young people have nothing to do here.
In a big city it’s different: cinemas, restaurants, discos. Even people are more modern.

Magda, 16
I’m from a small city. My school is here as well. There’s one cinema but if we want to watch a recent movie, we have to go to the nearest big city. It’s OK but it’s too dirty and loud. And people seem to be so nervous.

Czarek, 15
I don’t know where I would feel more comfortable. I’m from a small town but I know a big city. People show off very often and it’s quite dangerous there, sometimes. But you have no problem if you want to visit a gallery or a museum or to go for lunch with your friend.