You can’t forget about the holidays? You don’t feel like going back to school or maybe you are finally happy because you can start showing you’re the best? If you want to know what a new school year has in store for you, answer the questions below and read the description.

1. You want to look great at the New Year’s Eve party. What do you do?
a. Nothing. It’s to early to care about such things.
b. I don’t do much. I just wait to see what happens.
c. I go to the gym or run every day.
d. I decide to stop eating sweets.

2. You are moving books from one shelf to another. One of the books falls on your foot.
a. You shout loud and kick the book.
b. You bite your lip and keep on moving the books.
c. You breathe deeply and say nothing.
d. You look at your foot to see if anything bad happened.

3. You feel you should go to the dentist.
a. You try not to go for as a long time as possible.
b. You save up money for a strong anaesthetization.
c. You call straight away and make an appointment.
d. You go to a dentist to ask if you have any problems with teeth.

4. You have to prepare a very important essay for the next day.
It’s midnight and you still haven’t done much.
a. You don’t do it. You’ll make something up or won’t go to school.
b. You decide to get up early in the morning and finish it.
c. Even if you have to stay up till 6am, you’ll do it.
d. You’ll stay up until you fall asleep.

5. You have discovered that you would love to learn karate.
a. …but I am to tired to learn it after school.
b. Why not try?
c. Knowing you, you’ll be one of the best in your group in few months.
d. You are not sure if you can learn it.

6. Your teacher asks you to do something with your hair because he/ she doesn’t like it.
a. You say ‘yes of course’ but you won’t do it for the next day.
b. We live in a modern world. You won’t do anything that you don’t want to.
c. You have to respect your school – you will do it.
d. You don’t want to change it and you will discuss it with him (her).

7. You don’t have too much money till the end of the month, just enough to live without debts.
a. You spend all the cash.
b. You know perfectly how to have a good time without money.
c. You are able to spend as little as possible.
d. You don’t like to have debts but if you have to, you will.

8. Foreign languages are for you:
a. Black magic.
b. The same thing like any other subject.
c. Something wonderful that helps you discover the world.
d. A way to communicate with people.


Mostly a – a lazy type
This year you won’t be doing too much. The only thing you will be thinking of will be resting and your next holidays. You realize you may have a lot of problems at school, don’t you? But your laziness will affect not only your notes. You may loose your friends. Why? Because you will be so lazy that you won’t feel like doing anything. What to do? Try to relax more. Nature will help you for sure. Walks in the forest or a small bouquet of fresh flowers in your room will do.

Mostly b – a cool type
You will be very popular this year. At your school and amongst your friends. You will do well at school but if you have any problems, you will solve them without any stress. But you have to be careful because sometimes you may be too chilled out and your coolness may turn into complete apathy. Besides be aware that for some teachers being cool means being rude!
What to do? Be cool but when you are with your friends. At school try to be a student.

Mostly c – an ambitious type
Even if all your friends will try to influence you – there’s no chance. You will be so ambitious that even the birthday party of your best friend will be for you a possibility to be the best in anything. You mustn’t make any mistake. If you are ill, you will go to school anyway although it may be really dangerous. What to do? First of all – chill out! You have a right to make a mistake. And a very important thing is that you have to have a break, for example on Sunday!

Mostly d – a realistic type
Wherever you’ll go: school, a party, a walk with your friends, people will think you’re a pessimist. But the truth is that you won’t just overreact. That’s good sometimes because if you get good marks, you won’t stop learning, as you will know that everything can change. Unfortunately, this year you may forget that you can be just happy when you succeed.
What to do? Be happy about small things otherwise after some time you will be a sad and boring person. Smiling doesn’t mean that you are naive.