Have you ever thought about your future? I’m sure, you have. You may have thousands of ideas for your future job but if you’re not sure about your choice or if you still don’t know what to do, answer the questions below and check what your perfect job is. Good luck

1. You have some homework to do for next week. When do you do it?

a. Straight away.
b. During the weekend.
c. The night before the deadline.

2. You have $1000 to spend on yourself.

a. You attend a course.
b. You buy some equipment or books.
c. You buy clothes.

3. You are to meet your friend but you are stuck in a traffic jam.

a. You call your friend to tell him/her you may be late.
b. You call him/her when you are already late, not earlier.
c. You do nothing. He/she will wait.

4. It’s your boyfriend’s/ girlfriend’s birthday.

a. You buy a present and organise an evening together.
b. You give him/her your photo in a handmade frame.
c. You buy a baloon and a card with ‘very happy B-day’ wishes.

5. You are asked to prepare a school party to celebrate the first day of spring.

a. Oh yes, you’d be in heaven.
b. If you had some people to help you, why not.
c. No way, it would be such a big responsibility.


Mostly a.
You are very ambitious. Unfortunately, sometimes you are too ambitious. If you have to be somewhere at two – you’ll be there at one, you have to write an essay – you’ll write two, you may be dying of flue but you will go to school. You need a job where you would be able to work, work and work. If you like people, you would be a perfect business man/businesswoman working for a big company. But if you prefer to work on your own, far away from a crowd, you should think of becoming a farmer.

Mostly b.
You can be a good worker but you have to like your job. You always fulfill your duties. You don’t do anything more than you have to unless you can expect some profits. You would be a perfect owner of a company, you are made to be a boss. Being a writer or a film director would be a fantastic opportunity for you as well. You can go far if you don’t have to do things for somebody else. You should work completely alone in your own business or in a team where you share duties.

Mostly c.
You never try to do more than you have to. You shouldn’t have your own company. There would be to much to do for you. You would be a great gardener, cleaner or painter. You need to have a boss to tell you what to do.



ambitious – ambitny
unfortunately – niestety
flu – grypa
big company – duża firma
crowd – tłum
worker – pracownik
job – praca
fulfill – wypełniać
duty – obowiązek
owner – właściciel
opportunity – możliwość, sposobność
share – dzielić
profit – korzyść, zysk
snail – ślimak