Everyone of us has a family. That’s obvious! Some families are smaller and some are bigger. In many countries a typical family is two or three children. Many people have only one child but in Ireland, for example, it’s very difficult to find an only-child family. It’s common there to have five, seven or even nine children. So the Irish have many brothers and sisters and even more cousins. Imagine a Christmas party in such family!

In China there are no big families but it s not due to cultural reason.
There are so many people that the Government has forbidden couples to have more than one child.

In Armenia it doesn’t matter how many children you have. There’s always the same rule: if you are the youngest child, you have to take care of your parents. It means that you live with them forever.

What’s more! In South America there are Indian tribes (plemiona indiańskie) who live with their descendants (przodkami). It means that they eat dinner with a mummy (mumią) of their great-grandfather, for example!

A small conflict between you and one of your parents may grow into a big one if you don’t stop being stubborn (uparty).

Trust your parents! They may help you with one of your biggest problems.

Everything will be quite nice for you this month and one of your aunts or uncles will surprise you with a nice present.

You’ll be angry with your mum or dad but understand – they don’t let you do everything you want because they love you.

Everything will be OK this month. You may even discover that your parents are your friends!

Many conflicts this month but it’s always like this, isn’t it? Talk more with your family.

Something from the past will make your parents angry with you. Don’t worry! Your brother or sister will help you get through it.

All your brothers and sisters have their own lives so don’t be angry if they don’t have much time for you.

One of your cousins will visit you soon. You will have fun together if you give him/ her a chance.

One of your sisters or female cousins will drive you crazy this month but next month everything will be all right.

Spend more time with your family. They need you and you know you can have fun to

Try to be nice to your brother or sister. One day he/ she will get angry and you don’t want to destroy your friendship, do you? gether.


Do you know how we call members of a family?

family – najbliższa rodzina
relatives – krewni, rodzina dalsza
mother – mum – mummy matka – mama – mamusia
father – dad – daddy
ojciec – tata – tatuś
brothers and sisters rodzeństwo
sister – siostra
baby sister – młodsza siostra
big sister – starsza siostra
brother – brat
baby brother – młodszy brat
big brother – starszy brat
great – grandfather – pradziadek
great – grandmother – prababcia
grandfather – grandpa – dziadek – dziadziuś
grandmother – grandma – babcia – babunia
aunt – auntie – ciotka – ciocia
uncle – wuj/ wujek
cousin – kuzyn
niece – siostrzenica/ bratanica
nephew – siostrzeniec/ bratanek
godparents – rodzice chrzestni
godfather, godmother
mother-in-law – teściowa
father-in-law – teść
brother-in-law – szwagier
sister-in-law – szwagierka
son-in-law – zięć
daughter-in-law – synowa