Aries – Baran (March 21st – April 20th)
You’ll be happy and smile is not going to leave your face although you’ll probably stay at home a whole month watching TV and riding a bike.
LOVE: You won’t have luck in love this month but don’t worry! In that way you will rest!
YOUR TRICK: Try not to watch every programme on TV!
YOUR TALISMAN: a postcard that you got last year.

Taurus – Byk (April 21st – May 21st)
You’re going to take very important decision in a short time but don’t worry cause it’s going to be a right decision.
LOVE: Somebody who really loves you will tell you about it. Take your chance.
YOUR TRICK: Think of changing your wear style!
YOUR TALISMAN: a coin from another country.

Gemini – Bliżniêta (May 22nd – June 21st)
Everything that you planned will happen and your closest friends are going to have great time with you what will make your friendship stronger.
LOVE: If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, prepare for some tough moments. If you’re alone, nothing special will happen.
YOUR TRICK: Don’t think too hard and let
it all be!
YOUR TALISMAN: two red little stones.

Cancer – Rak (June 22nd – July 22nd)
You are going to have a really great time somewhere far from home. Be careful cause the memory of it may spoil rest of your holidays.
LOVE: You will fall deeply in love but that person will probably treat you only as a friend.
YOUR TRICK: Smile as often as you can!
YOUR TALISMAN: colourful glasses.

Leo – Lew (July 23rd – August 22nd)
Don’t plan anything for August because your parents will need your help so you will have to stay at home and be a helpful son or daughter.
LOVE: Nothing will happen in your emotional life but if you are in a relationship, look out cause a crisis starts.
Be careful with changes!

Virgo – Panna (August 23rd –September 22nd)
You do the same things every year in August and this year nothing’s going to change.
LOVE: Love is in the air! You will fall in love and it may turn out to be a love of your life.
YOUR TRICK: Think about your body and take some exercises!
YOUR TALISMAN: a wooden necklace.

Libra – Waga (September 23rd – October 23rd)
Go somewhere and it’s not really important where you’ll go because the only problem in July is going to be that if you stay at home, you will be really unhappy.
LOVE: If you manage to be more polite to other people, someone may fall in love with you. Give him/her a chance.
YOUR TRICK: How about changing a diet?!
YOUR TALISMAN: a little metal stamp.

Scorpio – Skorpion (October 23rd – November 22nd)
August will bring you new opportunities which you are going to take and in spite of the fact that they are going to be surprising, you’ll enjoy your time.
LOVE: Someone that you are in love with will start to be interested in you. But you must change your behaviour a bit to keep his/her feelings.
YOUR TRICK: Be more optimistic!
YOUR TALISMAN: a small cat in your bag.

Sagittarius – Strzelec (November 23rd – December 21st)
In August somebody will come to visit you or you will go to visit somebody and you’re going to have a company most of the month.
LOVE: If you have a partner, look out cause someone else may appear. If you’re lonely, look around!
YOUR TRICK: Not everybody wants to cheat you!
YOUR TALISMAN: a silver ring.

Capricorn – Kozioro¿ec (December 22nd – January 20th)
A month full of relax but don’t count on parties and sociable life cause this period you’re going to spend rather alone or with one person only.
LOVE: True love will come suddenly in a person of your close friend so have eyes wide open.
YOUR TRICK: Take life as it comes!
TALISMAN: a plastic button.

Aquarius – Wodnik (January 21st – February 20th)
You will have to spend a few days in a place you don’t like but don’t worry because rest of the month is going to be very interesting.
LOVE: If you’re in a relationship, it’ll be a great period. If you are alone, count on meeting someone special.
YOUR TRICK: Think more about your family!
YOUR TALISMAN: a small rock found in a field.

Pisces – Ryby (February 21st – March 20th)
Probably the best month in a whole year but you have to look out of people who say they are your best friends cause they may be a source of your disappointment.
LOVE: You will meet someone interesting but don’t count on romantic love.
YOUR TRICK: Don’t trust to everyone!
YOUR TALISMAN: An item connected with a cat.