Describe your feeling after watching the movie.

Obejrzałeś ostatnio dokument o tym, jak ryzykowne może być spożywanie niezdrowego jedzenia. Napisz list do przyjaciela, w którym podzielisz się swoimi odczuciami na temat obejrzanego filmu.

Dear Simon,

I am writing to recommend you one great documentary I have seen recently. It is called „Super size me” and is about hazards connected with eating junk food. This film opened my eyes and I hope it will do the same to you.
In his documentary Morgan Spurlock decides to take part in a risky experiment: he eats three meals a day in McDonald’s restaurants, for 30 days, nothing else. You may think, that is great, but it appears that eating only junk food and drinking nothing more than sweet sodas is a total disaster for your health. While watching the movie we see how quickly Morgan changes from happy, fit and slim man into unhappy big belly, who is too tired to go upstairs to his room. His blood pressure changes dramatically, he puts on ­11 kilos and, afterwards, he needs a year to make his liver healthy again.
You should see this film to answer the question: do you know what you eat? I do now! Write to me when you see it.

Best wishes,