Write a leaflet about meeting connected with protecting environment.

W Twoim mieście organizowany jest marsz ekologiczny. Napisz ulotkę zapraszającą do wzięcia udziału w tym marszu.

  • Are you keen on nature?
  • Do you want to become an eco protester?

If yes, then join us during our monthly Saturday March!
We are aware of all the harm humans have done destroying our mother Earth! As we keep on working to protect our environment locally, we want our community to focus on such problems like:
Reducing smog over the city produced by the new factory near our town.
Making our citizens aware of the fact that using a car helps to get to work quickly but it makes the air we breathe highly polluted.
Providing non-smoking areas in public spaces everywhere in the town.
If you want to take part in our protest against pollution and smoking, join us on Saturday at Washington’s Square at noon exactly. We will lead our protest march towards city council and we will try to talk to people from environment and health department on any changes they should establish in future.
All the eco protesters – unite!