Write a leaflet for the candidates applying for the job in the company, where you explain them all the recruitment steps.

Napisz notatkę dla kandydatów starających się o pracę w firmie. Wytłumacz im proces rekrutacji.

Hello everyone,

If you want to apply for any vacant position in our company you are firstly required to fill in the application form and then send it in. We expect you to attach also you CV and covering letter, where you are encouraged to explain, why you wanted a particular post and why you think you are a suitable person on this position.
Secondly, all your applications will be put into the selection process. We will concentrate on your educational qualifications, work experience and additional skills.
Thirdly, some of you will be invited for the individual interviews, where we will check your references.
Finally, we will offer the job to some of you, and if the person accepts it we will hire them.