Write a leaflet inviting people from your school to the series of lectures about health that is going to be organized in your town at the weekend.

W Twoim mieście odbędzie się cykl wykładów na temat zdrowia. Napisz ulotkę zachęcającą uczniów Twojej szkoły do wzięcia udziału.

Are you concerned about your health? Would you like to know more about some new illnesses that may appear in XXI century? Are there things you would like to know about unconventional medicine?
If yes, then come and take part in the series of lectures that is going to be organized in our centre of culture this weekend. You will be able to choose from variety of speeches on methods of healing yourself by using herbs only and decide if acupuncture is really working. What’s more some world famous doctors will tell us about the secrets of traditional medicine: what we know and what we do not know about common diseases. And least but not last you will have a chance to take part in discussion on what we should be afraid of: AIDS, SARS or different viruses that keep attacking our civilization?
If you are interested in this subject come and join the discussion!