Write a leaflet where you present a night film marathon that is going to take place in the local cinema.

Napisz ulotkę informującą o filmach, które zostaną pokazane podczas nocnego maratonu w miejscowym kinie.

To whom it may concern.

There is going to be a night film marathon on Friday! It starts at 11 pm and finishes around 5 am. It is a special occasion, as this marathon is devoted to all horror movies fans! We are going t watch three horrors. The first, titled ‘Scream 1’, was directed by famous Wes Craven, whom you may remember from the ‘Freddy Kruger’ series. Although the plot is simple and the answer ‘who is killing’ for most of you may appear simple, the movie is worth seeing because of great acting of the main characters, especially Neve Cambell. The second film to be shown is ‘Blair witch project’. As you probably heard, this amateur movie has become a huge success in America and now is at the top for horror movies. The last but not least is a film which hard to describe as a typical horror, but is not a thriller either. ‘Identity’, starring John Cusack, known from romantic comedy ‘High fidelity’, is not romantic at all in this story. Which is another reason, except an interesting plot and setting, why you should watch this remarkable film.