Write a letter to a friend where you will describe him a family gathering.

Napisz list do przyjaciela, w którym opowiesz mu o uroczystości rodzinnej.

Hi Patsy,

First of all I would like to wish You Happy Birthday and all the best! I hope you will have a great time at your birthday party!
My party took place last Saturday, exactly on my birthday. It was only a family gathering, as I am going to have a separate party for my friends and mates from school. But still, I was very pleased when I saw my favourite uncle Tom and auntie Lucy, who came with my little niece Suzie. She had christening last weekend. The party was great although it was a sit down meal. After all you could not expect my grandfather dancing to hip-hop music! Anne, my sister came with her husband and parents-in-law. She got married last month and just came back from the honeymoon. Mother and her husband (a stepfather of mine) prepared soft drinks and snacks. We had a barbecue in the garden and at the end my cousin, who has just got engaged, brought a big birthday cake!
I liked my party a lot and wish the same to you!

Best wishes,