Write a letter to your friend describing him one of the members of your family.

Napisz list do przyjaciela, opisując w nim jednego z członków Twojej rodziny.

Hi Tom,

How are you? It is so good to write to you again after a long period of quietness. I have finally come back from the United States, where I visited my big family. I met two funny cousins, who I would like to write you about.
Peter and Robert are identical twin brothers. Physically, they are indistinguishable, like ‘two peas in a pod’, as the saying goes. They have the same blond hair and fine features, and they tend to dress in the same casual style. When you get to know them, however, it soon becomes clear that their personalities are completely different. Peter is very outgoing, assertive and ambitious. Although people find him rather pompous and conceited, to me he simply seems to be full of confidence. Robert, on the other hand, is more of an introvert. He very rarely socializes, preferring to spend time on his own. He is a dreamer who can sends hours staring at the clouds. As a result he sometimes gives an impression of being lazy, while a few people regard him even as slow-witted.
I like them both though, and hope you will too, because they are going to spend this summer holidays with us.
See you in July and hope you will write soon,
Best wishes