Write a letter to Your friend, describing him a job You have already got.

Napisz list do przyjaciela, w którym opowiesz mu o swojej nowej pracy.

Hi Tom,

How are You? Hope it will not take You long to look for the job.
I am writing to tell You that I have just found a perfect job for me. I have send my CV to one computer company and they appear to be satisfied with my knowledge and experience. I will be a manager, who runs the design department. I will be responsible for production of new designs of computers and I will also be in charge of design budget. I will have 15 people under me and I hope I will be a good manager. It is a full time job and it is very flexible, which means that it is up to me when I start and finish as soon as the work is done.
I just hope I will be able to use my knowledge and organizational skills to prove I am a good employee. I will earn a so called basic salary plus extra money – a bonus – for every successfully finished project, which is nice.
I can not wait to hear all the news from You.
Best wishes,