Write a letter to your friend describing him a sports event which you have recently taken part in.

Napisz list do przyjaciela, opisując mu wydarzenie sportowe, w jakim ostatnio wziąłeś udział.

Dear Jeffrey,

How are things going with you? Have you seen the match between Chelsea and Liverpool? I was glad that Chelsea won although our Polish goalkeeper played in Liverpool.
I must tell you about the match I took part in last Saturday. You know that I play in a local teenage football team. This match was our last chance to get to the final in our region. As we ran onto the pitch and saw the opposition, we knew it was going to be tough. We played hard, but at half-time they were leading 1:0. In the second half we struggled to get the ball through the defense. Suddenly my team-mate got the ball, passed it to me and I headed it straight into the goal! Next goal we headed the same way, just before the referee blew his whistle. We won and now we are preparing for the final! I wish you could come and see it. Anyway, keep fingers crossed for next Saturday.
I hope to hear from you soon

Best wishes, Peter