Write a letter to your friend telling her about your last excursion to the shopping centre.

Napisz list do przyjaciela, w którym opowiesz mu o ostatniej wyprawie do centrum handlowego.

Hi Dona,

Have you already bought some cute things for winter? You must give me the names of these two favourite shops of yours where you keep buying sweaters, trousers and stuff.
I have just come back from a huge sales in a shopping mall near my home and I must tell you: there are amazing discounts and special prices on everything.
First, I went to my favourite jeans shop, where I found a perfect pair of navy jeans. Then I visited this nice small boutique with cute funny t-shirts and I left with four of them. Finally I decided to have a look at skirts. I spent a lot of time flicking through the stalls. When I finally chose three, I had to wait for hours in a queue to the fitting room. When I got there I immediately tried on the one I liked the most. That was it, a bargain of my dreams, and only at half of the price.
As you see I spent whole afternoon wandering from one shop to another and ended up without my monthly pocket money, but very happy!
See you at the Saturday night fever.
With love,