Write a letter to your friend telling them about your winter holidays.

Napisz list do przyjaciela, w którym opowiesz mu o swoich zimowych wakacjach.

Hi Katie,

How are you? Have you already visited the Alps, as you were going to?
I have just come back from Polish mountains, where I spent two lovely weeks. It was the best winter holidays I have ever had! I went there with a few friends. We booked a room in a nice hostel, very close to the slopes. Every day we woke up early, eat nutritious breakfast and run on the slope. I had never skied before, but I took couple lessons from the instructor there and after three days I could ski easily as well as the rest. In the afternoon we had dinner and after that we usually went trekking in the lower parts of the mountains or sightseeing in the city. I ended up days in one of the restaurants, eating regional dishes. The weather was great. Every day the sun woke us up and the sky was clear. On the way home we visited Cracow. We saw the old market and the Jewish district.
You should come to Poland some day, I promise you will have a great time!
Best wishes