Write a letter to Your friend, where You present them the book You have recently read.

Napisz list do przyjaciela, w którym opowiesz mu o ostatnio przeczytanej książce.

Hi Maggie,

How are you? Are you still cold with running nose and a headache? If you still lie in bed, then I have got something for you.
I have just finished reading a great book written by Erica Jong. You have probably heard about her most famous book, called ‘Fear of flying’. This one is titled ‘Sappho’s leap’, and as you may guess, tells a story of a famous singer and a poet – Sappho. I remember our lessons of ancient times, what I did not find very interesting. But this book is really worth reading. It reminds a bit of a fairy tale and an autobiography as well. The narrator is Sappho herself, as she leads us along fabulous stories of her life from innocent childhood, through maturity to old woman’s life. As you may guess, most of the stories is writer’s imagination, but except the fascinating appearance and personality of the main character, and her adventurous soul, we learn a lot about the ancient world, its customs and believes. Sappho’s world is a place still full of gods and goddess and magic. What’s more, everything what you have heard about ancient times happens in this book. I recommend you ‘Sappho’s leap’, you will love it.
Best wishes