You are organizing a team of student for a school project. Explain your teacher why are you choosing these people by describing briefly their features of character.

Twój nauczyciel poprosił Cię o ocenę charakteru osób, które mają pracować z Tobą przy szkolnym projekcie. Przedstaw krótko, czemu wybrałeś ich właśnie.

For my school project I have chosen 4 students.
Tom is a very responsible and highly-motivated person, he is also very keen on the computers and knows a lot about them, which may help us in our project.
Katie has a perfect organization skills, she is going to take care of our project from practical point of view, and has already found us a place for our nuclear attempts.
Annie is our brain, she has got an A degree at mathematics and her job is to rewrite our revolutionary ideas into mathematic patterns.
Brian is half-witted but we need him as he is very handsome. His job as a model is to draw the attentions of big companies on our project. As you know image is everything!