You have seen interesting IT solutions in a TV program, tell your friend about them.

W programie telewizyjnym widziałeś ciekawe rozwiązania techniczne, opisz je koledze.

Dear Adam,

Surely you are surprised to see my hand writting, but as a computer nerd you will definitely understand why I am writing to you this snail mail letter.
I’m now in UK countryside completely disconnected visiting my grandparents, I have no acces to a computerL.
Imagine that I have seen using virtual reality headsets and gloves to do shopping instead of long tireing journeys to a small badly ecquipped town shop. Just like that, consumers can browse for products in a virtual shop wearing head mounts. From a remote location a consumer is able to manoeuvre and view products along shelves in a shopping centre. Incredible, but it really happens. Unfortunately not here as I have seen it on TV last night and cannot wait for it to become reality for me. I even cannot wait to switch on my computer again.
Take care my friend,