Your pen friend wants to pay you a visit during the oncoming holiday. Write a letter inviting him to come and recommend the place he are going to stay in.

Twój przyjaciel chciałby odwiedzić Cię w wakacje. Zaproś go do siebie, opisując mu miejsce, w którym się zatrzyma (np. Twój dom).

Hello Jamie,

How are you? Have you passed all your final exams? I hope you have because I’d love you to come and spend some time during the holiday with me.
I usually spend summer at my parents’ summer house near a beautiful lake. It is a really nice big wooden house, surrounded with trees, with a cosy porch and a balcony overlooking the forest. The house is very comfortable and every one has their own room. On the ground floor there is a small but sunny kitchen leading to a large, spacious living room. We usually spend evenings playing cards or snooker there. Owning to the room’s porch you can sit outside but still enjoy the company. On the first floor there are our bedrooms. Mine has a balcony but it is much cluttered because I keep all my old toys there. I have painted the walls orange so it is very bright and warm.
I am never bored when I spend my holidays at the lake and I hope you will not be too. I will be pleased to have you there and so I am looking forward to seeing you.

Best wishes, Maggie