Do you agree with the statement that development of home cinema means the end of the regular cinema?

Home cinema system is one of the modern inventions that are supposed to make our life more comfortable and less complicated. It enables us to watch any movie we want, at any given time. It is advertised as quality composed and less time – consuming, than the regular cinema.

According to* the home cinema producers, we spend most of the day running from one place to another and finally, tired, finish at home. Therefore, owing to home cinema, people who like watching films, do not have to run to cinemas anymore but can watch films at home, drinking tea, spending time with family and still enjoying high – fidelity sound and high – quality vision at the same time.

It could be argued, however, wether all of us like spending our private time relaxing at home. People like gathering together with fiends and doing things together as they are sociable animals. That is why, so many people like going out, and many of them visit cinemas with their friends. They have a great time just at the price of ticket.

Home cinema, on the other hand, implies a higher and more expensive set of components to accumulate in order to have fun. First of all, a dedicated room in the home for the cinema, a prominent display – a big screen TV, one or more audio/ video sources, audio system and of course comfortable seating to improve the cinema feel. That is the reason why home cinema losses the battle with the regular cinema just the way television did.

  • enables us – umożliwia nam
  • owing to – dzięki (czemuś)
  • gathering together – gromadzić się razem
  • at the price of ticket – za cenę biletu
  • imply – sugerować, oznaczać
  • prominent display – duży wyświetlacz
  • source – źródło