Do you think that censorship is necessary in today’s society? Write a composition giving your own opinion.

Czy myślisz, że cenzura jest konieczna w nowoczesnym społeczeństwie? Napisz rozprawkę.

Censorship is an issue that very often raises heated debates, especially in the countries at the edge of a crisis. Its supporters claim that it is vital to protect society, while opponents call it an unjustifiable restriction of public access to information.

On one hand, there are obviously reasons why some information should be safeguarded, for instance in cases of national security maintenance. In today’s world, highly sensitive information may be used against one country and the effects of such situation could be catastrophic. Another sensible explanation is to prevent the broadcast of obscene material which may be offensive or harmful to public morals. Perhaps, without censorship society would be constantly subjected to information considered as aggressive and immoral.On the other hand, opponents point out that censorship, when overused, may lead to misinformation of public and extension of government’s powers. In order to control society, repressive regimes try to deny citizens’ rights to free information by limiting media or even putting the ban on them. In modern society, citizens should be treated like adults who can make conscious decision on what they want to know. Thus, censorship should not be decided upon the public opinion.

In conclusion, censorship is necessary when it considers national security. But in every other case there should be a balance between the requirements of the state and society’s rights to free information.

censorship – cenzura, cenzurowanie
requirement – wymóg, potrzeba