Does television have a bad influence on young people? Write a composition.

Czy telewizja ma negatywny wpływ na młodych ludzi? Napisz rozprawkę, w której ustosunkujesz się do tej kwestii.

Television has become an important part of everyday life and young people today spend hours watching a variety of programs. Some of them can be interesting or useful, like news, educational and sports programs, television plays. But some, like reality shows or soap operas should be considered as a waste of time. This fact can lead people to question, whether television viewing adversely influences young people, and if so, to wonder what may be done to prevent such negative influence.

Supporters of television, like the representatives of TV channels, claim that there is no need for concern. As to prove their opinion they cite studies by psychologists which indicate that young people are not indiscriminate viewers. They also claim that teenagers are able to distinguish between fun and fiction on TV and reality.

However the other researchers indicates, on the contrary, that the increased depiction of gratuitous violence and immortality and carelessly playing with ones own life on TV has indeed an affect on today’s youth and is directly related to the increase in juvenile crime and breakdown pf moral values in society, as to give these examples only. In my opinion, as there are such voices on TV influence maybe it would be wise to take precautionary measures. After all, as is often said: ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.