Napisz opowiadanie zaczynające się od tych słów: „I will never forget my first day at…”

I will never forget my fist day at the holiday camp for blind people. I went there to be a guide for disabled children and teenagers but except for good will I did not have any experience required.

The adventure started the very first day. My tutor took me to a small play room with a group of children reading, singing, laughing and strolling around it without any help. I obviously came there with the vision of blind people absolutely not able to do anything on their own. That afternoon I was facing a problem of trying to keep all the kids in one room and they could not spend even a moment in one place without walking, fighting with each other or hiding from me.

My next task was to guide one of the blind teenagers to the beach, as we were all having a barbecue there. The girl I was walking with appeared to be very intelligent and talkative. While we were having a very interesting chat about the places she has been in her life I noticed a funny thing. The girl was holding my elbow gently and was walking with a great confidence not like somebody who needed help.

Later that night when we came back, my tutor asked me if I liked my job and then said: „Never let prejudice guide you and never let pity make you do things. People will love you not only for your help but for your passion most of all”.

  • disabled – niepełnosprawny
  • experience required – wymagane doświadczenie
  • tutor – opiekun
  • stroll – spacerować
  • obviously – najwidoczniej, oczywiście
  • appeared to be – okazało się być
  • gently – delikatnie
  • prejudice – uprzedzenia
  • pity – litość