„If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well” goes an English proverb, do you agree?

It is a common belief that to achieve success in life, you have to do your best at everything you try to accomplish. It is also argued that, if you want to become a specialist in your line of work, you should give yourself in, and be the best.

In the first place, while trying to get to the top and doing things well, we have to learn new things, cope with problems and find resolutions, and therefore, we develop into better people. Trying to achieve our goals we develop, keep our minds open and constantly full of ideas. We keep the world we live in turning, evolving and changing into a better one.

What is more, paraphrasing an old proverb it can be claimed that „only the best will survive”. That is why people strive for perfection in their lives. They just want to have a good life, well-paid job, good car and loving family, for example. To get that everything, as they just want to be happy, they become specialists.

Finally, due to the fact that life of an indivi-dual is unique and will never repeat itself, people try to get everything what is best and want to be prized by life. They aim to be the best just to leave nothing to chance and its mischief. In other words they aim to be praised by faith.

  • it is a common belief… – powszechnie uważa się, że…
  • accomplish – osiągnąć (cel)
  • argue – sprzeczać się, uzasadniać, argumentować, twierdzić
  • It is also argued – Argumentuje się również,
  • line of work – zawód, fach, branża
  • In the first place – przede wszystkim
  • cope with… – poradzić sobie z…
  • achieve – osiągnąć (cel)
  • claim – twierdzić
  • strive for perfection – dążyć do perfekcji
  • prized by life – nagradzany przez życie
  • leave nothing to chance – nie pozostawić nic przypadkowi
  • praised by faith – chwalony przez los