People love junk food, because it is tasty, cheap and quickly makes you full. Do you agree? What is the danger connected with junk food?

Ludzie kochają niezdrowe jedzenie, ponieważ jest smaczne, tanie i można się nim szybko najeść. Czy zgadzasz się z tą opinią? Jakie jest niebezpieczeństwo związane z niezdrowym jedzeniem?

In today’s fast moving world people have less and less time to spend preparing healthy, home made food. Probably for this reason junk food has become so popular.

Junk food such as hamburgers, French fries, crisps, chocolate bars or pizzas is the food high in calories but lacking nutrition. It keeps hunger away but at the same time poisons us with more fat and sugar than our body needs in one meal. However, we like snacks between meals and if we do not need to put any effort to prepare them, it is even better.

According to experts, we spend more time outdoors and we eat out more often. Usually in fast food restaurants, like ­McDonald’s, Pizza Hut or KFC. Such situation is alarming, as we spend more time in places that offer junk food than in gym for example. Soon we will notice visible effects of such lifestyle: ­overweigh ­bodies, problems with liver and increased risk of having heart attack. These predictions are especially true for the youngest generations, as children and teenagers love junk food.

We live in ironic times. On one hand there are heaps of magazines offering new diets or ways to loose weigh quickly. But on the other side the culture of eating home made meals is on the decrease and slowly we stop distinguishing what is good for our health.