Mobile phones and e-mails are changing the relations between people – do you agree with this?

Wiadomości tekstowe oraz poczta elektroniczna zmieniają kontakty między ludźmi – czy zgodzisz się z tym stwierdzeniem? Napisz rozprawkę.

Nowadays mobile phones and electronic mail have become the most popular means of communication. It is hard to imagine any form of contact – from making business to making friends – without using these two ways of connecting people. Especially young people and business have benefited from the rapid expansion of electronic communication and use more and more new technology.

As many people notice, it is much easier in today’s busy world to text somebody about the meeting and it is quicker to write and email to a friend than a long letter. These two ways of communication help people keep in touch and are less formal than a letter or a business meeting. They also do not need a face-to-face conversation, as people can save their time, communicating and not seeing each other at the same time.

However there is also a shortcoming of such situation. Some psychologists have noticed that people, especially teenagers prefer using mobile phones and e-mails more than meeting friends in a real life. It is easier to write a text message than to confront a person in a face-to-face situation. Teachers are also anxious about the language and abbreviations people start using in messages and mails, which are less and less readable.

In my opinion, it is great that people can learn new techno­logies so quickly and keep finding new ways of communication between each others. But still, I reckon, personal contact is the most important things, because this is the only way that may change our live.

  • shortcoming – brak, niedostatek, wada, mankament
  • anxious – zaniepokojony, zatroskany
  • text – tekst, wysyłać wiadomość tekstową, wysyłać SMSa
  • abbreviation – skrót (skrócona nazwa), skracanie
  • reckon – myśleć, sądzić, przypuszczać